Festive Fifty

50 tracks, one per weekend, no particular order, and each one a compulsion to listen then listen again, waves of sound that crash upon the rocks in a most alluring fashion…

The Fucked-Up Festive Fifty is:

#1. Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot – Bonnie and Clyde (1968)

#2. Broadcast – Long Was The Year (2000)

#3. David Bowie – Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (1980)

#4. The Long Blondes – You Could Have Both (2006)

#5. Ride – Chelsea Girl (1990)

#6. Wire – The 15th (1979)

#7. Fischerspooner – Emerge (2001)

#8: The Vines – Highly Evolved (2002)

#9: Suicide – Dream Baby Dream (1979)

#10: The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind (2002)

#11: Walter Carlos – Theme From A Clockwork Orange (1971)

#12: Malcolm Middleton – Superhero Songwriters (2007)

#13: The Auteurs – Bailed Out (1993)

#14: Momus – A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24) (1988)

#15: The Dandy Warhols – Genius (1995)

#16: Ambulance LTD – Swim (2004)

#17: Nine Inch Nails – And All That Could Have Been (2002)

#18: The Teardrop Explodes – Seven Views Of Jerusalem (1981)

#19: Wreckless Eric – (I’d Go The) Whole Wide World (1977)

#20: The Dears – Lost In The Plot (2003)

#21: Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice (1967)

#22: Ike And Tina Turner – River Deep – Mountain High (1966)

#23: Morrissey –Speedway (1994)

#24 REM – At My Most Beautiful (1998)

#25 The Cure – Plainsong (1989)

#26 Moose – Suzanne (1991)

#27 Mott The Hoople – Roll Away The Stone (1973)

#28: Prolapse– Flex (1995)

#29: Sigur Rós – Glósóli (2005)

#30: The Boo Radleys – Spaniard (1992)

#31: Idlewild – Actually It’s Darkness (2000)

#32: King Creosote Marguerita Red (2005)

#33: Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (1981)

#34: Machines Of Loving Grace – Limiter (1993)

#35: Suede – Animal Nitrate (1993)

#36: LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great (2007)

#37: The Pastels – Truck Train Tractor (1986)

#38: Add N To (X) – Revenge Of The Black Regent (1999)

#39: Can – Don’t Leave The Light On, Leave Me Alone (1970)

#40: Lush – Superblast! (1992)

#41: Dawn Of The Replicants – Ten Sea Birds (1997)

#42: The Shortwave Set – Glitches ‘N’ Bugs (2008)

#43: My Bloody Valentine – I Only Said (1991)

#44: The Magnetic Fields – 100,000 Fireflies (1991)

#45: Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime) (1969)

#46: Clinic – Monkey On Your Back (1998)

#47: Stereolab – French Disko (1993)

#48: TV On The Radio – Staring At The Sun (2002)

#49: The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (1969)

#50: Pulp – This Is Hardcore (1998)

#51: Spiritualized – If I Were With Her Now (1992)

4 Responses to “Festive Fifty”
  1. I jumped on board too recently to note your inclusion of Walter Carlos\’ thunderclap-of-genius Clockwork Orange soundtrack, as well as an entirely suitable defense of the Dandy Warhols. Here\’s my vote for converting the FuckedUpFestiveFifty into the FuckedUpFestiveFiveHundred and soldiering on.

    • Ha! Now that this has run its course, I’ve been trying to hit upon a suitable replacement for this particular series.

      30 tracks where the bass licks make us melt? 15 records where the backing singers actually do the things promised on ‘Walk On The Wild Side’? The best lyric from The Smiths to have tattooed up your arm (me having a Smiths lyric tattooed up my arm)?

      As you might have noticed, am open to suggestions.

      • Some good stuff there. Some classic toons as well. Must admit haven’t heard a couple of them (e.g. Idlewild, Boo Radleys, TV On The Radio); bands that seem to have passed me by (or vice versa). Can’t go wrong with Can or Carlos in my books. Always been a personal fave the “A Clockwork Orange” soundtrack. (Heard you had some clockwork oranges parading up you street yesterday). Anyhow, Gainsbourg & BB… Luna did a rather spiffing cover version a few years back; with Lætitia Sadier (swoon) on vocals. Suppose you know it.

        So, why not a top ‘covers’ list?

        As for a The Smiths tattoo, how about: With a Sponge and a Rusty Spanner?
        You’ll get lots of puzzled looks.

  2. Should probably confess that there’s some glaring omissions. No VU, no Jesus & Mary Chain, no Teenage Fanclub. Hmm. Still, that Luna cover is excellent – Lætitia Sadier should be the default choice for any boy needing a duet partner.

    The thing with cover versions is that I find them inherently distrustful. There are obvious exceptions to this rule, but I struggle to see beyond the distraction chiselled from the original. Probably just me…

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