Confessions of a Suede fan

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Suede fan”

  1. Suede – well, Brett’s haircut and HIS fretwork – bring and bind people together. It’s a connection chiseled into the warm heart of a special time and place. That’s just the way of it. I won’t be buying the re-releases, either, but will continue to get very drunk on a cold Tuesday evening and insist to the World that ‘Bentswood Boys’ is one of the best songs any band has ever recorded. Ever.

  2. Ha…I should probably have qualified the above; don’t buy anything after Dog Man Star, but do purchase b-sides collection Sci-Fi Lullabies (which includes “Bentswood Boys” in all its finery); Suede always gave good b-side.

  3. suede is one of my favorite bands, i won’t lie. like you say, i don’t really listen to anything after dog man star, except i do like ‘trash’ quite a bit. i also quite like a few of the side projects of bernard and brett and some of brett’s solo work, which i do take quite a bit of stick from some people about..

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