By Megaphone and Twisted Opinion (Plus Twee Indie Goodness)

4 thoughts on “By Megaphone and Twisted Opinion (Plus Twee Indie Goodness)”

  1. It’s nice to know someone who remains a bit underwhelmed by all things The Horrors, which 9 times out of 10, I accidentally type as The Hoors, making a lot more sense (to me). But still, I bought the last White Lies album so I am a sucker, too, in my own way. It seems like we are all just collectively mourning the loss of 4AD.

  2. Ha! The Hoors – I’m sure that’s a band playing some dodgy Maryhill boozer this very evening. But you’re correct about the Horrors. Just too big a sound for my weedy tastes; a certain lack of subtlety. But still, I’ve bought enough shit albums to last me a lifetime – we’re all suckers, one way or another.

  3. All suckers, indeed. But, you will both see the error of your foolish ways soon enough…. it’s an album that grows on you, to be sure. Oh, and try ‘Monica Gems’ from the new album…. it’s more Suede than even Suede were at their very most Suede! (it is quite laughable, actually, and I hope Brett might get around to it and just sue them so he can fund the recording of another solo album…. oh, perhaps not….).

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