FuckedUpFestiveFifty #2: Broadcast

2 thoughts on “FuckedUpFestiveFifty #2: Broadcast”

  1. Thanks for this lgm. A perfectly chosen track as always.
    Trish is such a loss to music, all the more so as creatively they seemed to be getting more interesting all the time. That last album with The Focus Group was a masterpiece.
    Speaking of whom, I picked up the reissue of their Sketches and Spells album earlier this year. An excellent reckud if you haven’t heard it. In fact, an excellent album if you have.

  2. To be honest I could have arbitrarily picked any Broadcast track to write about – rarely do you find a band so consistent in their ability to intrigue, to make evocative, moving music (this is my favourite Broadcast album not so much down to any ‘x better than y’ evaluation, more that it was the first of them I’d heard – could have been the equally wonderful Witch Cults of the Radio Age if I was one of those youngsters they have now; ‘The Be Colony’ is a particular favourite). Is truly sad that we can’t be hearing anything new.
    And thanks for the tip re: Focus Group. There’s a pretty good second-hand record store in Stockbridge that’s bound to have a copy…

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