Single Malt Comet Gain

2 thoughts on “Single Malt Comet Gain”

  1. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for said diatribe. Is now a good time to mention that I’ve never listened [knowingly] to a Led Zeppelin song, let alone an entire album? Gasp!

  2. Seriously? I thought that Led Zep were ubiquitous (which means that I’m secretly impressed you’ve besmirched them; swimming against the tide never fails to impress me).

    The obvious problem with that band is that they’re boys who made music for other boys… but if you ignore the occasional (albeit inexcusable) misogynistic lyric or the Middle-Earth references, they did some interesting stuff, especially early on. I’m due back on the floorboards and the whisky and a listen to twee and sighing stuff from 1991 again, but if you’re interest is piqued, this track floats boats:

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