FuckedUpFestiveFifty #6: Wire

7 thoughts on “FuckedUpFestiveFifty #6: Wire”

  1. Hej! Just popping round to borrow a cup of MDMA and to say that this FUFF is a really good ‘music blog’ series.

    So far, anyway…. I have my peepers on each entry. 😉

    Also, JC and myself are heading to King Tut’s on Tues if you fancy it? Cheap night (6 quid) with entertainment via The Jezabels, Kid Canaveral and The John McLain Band. Woot!


  2. Ach – the contrived weekly blog theme is only how it is because some other bastard grabbed the “Story of Sarah Records” gig before I thought of it… but glad you’re enjoying the FUF50 so far. Future highlights may or may not include lashings and lashing of twee early 90’s indie. Very much unlike me, as I’m sure you’ll agree.
    And did you say Kid Canaveral? Always great live…I’ll see if I can take a chisel to my electronic tag…

  3. You boys – I’ll just be jealous over on my side of the pond that I can’t pop by for a pint and a good live show. Wire’s Ambitious is my favorite summer song.

    1. I must admit, I’ve always struggled a little with the experimentation and remoteness of Wire mark 2 (ie. the late eighties version), but that’s probably just my dire need for immediacy talking, my strict allegiance to early Wire. I can be quite one-dimensional at times.

      Still, having attended more than a few gigs with the delightful And Before The First Kiss person, I wouldn’t be too jealous. We all stand at the back with our mineral waters and complain loudly that whoever is onstage is just a cheap copy of another band we saw far too long ago. Maybe 😉

  4. Be still my heart – to be a part of such misanthropic audio snobs… my life’s mission could be complete with just one such evening. Except I will eschew the mineral water for something infinitely more nefarious. 🙂

  5. The Man calls it True. We do, indeed, stand at the back of any musical Bothy we can locate and work out equations on soaked, phone-numbered, beer mats to posit that every Band we have ever seen (post-1995) is just a poor imitation of Suede, My Bloody Valentine and/or ‘Bends’-era Radiohead. But, er, the mineral water? I think that was just me… um, once. (*hangs head in hungover shame*)

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