“But Most Of All… You’ve Got Love Technique”

2 thoughts on ““But Most Of All… You’ve Got Love Technique””

  1. Ok, I so, so wish I hadn’t clicked that fucking YouTube link. And watched all of it. Ugh. But, I think it proves me right when I argue that after ‘Low-Life’ they quickly became pretty, awfully, shit. JC disagrees with me but I think I am right on this one (yes, for once).

  2. Ha – you were warned about the video!

    But yeah, you’d probably get a contemplative nod from me there, C, at least in terms of the dividing line sitting somewhere between Low-Life and Brotherhood, or Brotherhood and Technique. How clear that dividing line is, and how vehemently it needs to be argued is perhaps less obvious (and probably subject matter for another day, another post).

    And as for reason for the sudden lunge towards something not as wonderful as the stuff before – my money’s on altered brain chemistry (if you catch my drift). Hope you like the NAO / I Break Horses stuff better (check yr email)

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