Day 1,876 of the Shoegaze Revival

11 thoughts on “Day 1,876 of the Shoegaze Revival”

  1. I had the most amazing experience hearing their latest Fluorescence live quite by accident back in May. My virgin ears were, to put it mildly, chapped sore and blissed for days following that show. Also, I really like 3 am floorboards, whether or not they like me.

  2. Well, cannae wait for day 1,877, personally speaking!

    I found that Moose always sounded good trudging through snow in Borders country.

    Slowdive. Bedroom music. In all senses.

  3. Genevieve: glad Asobi have paid you a visit – even if by accident. There’s something of the mesmerizing to their sound, even if they’re one of those bands you need to see live to fully understand.

    3am floorboards, however… one day we’ll learn – but probably not yet.

    Colin: thanks for sharing the Slowdive visual imagery with the class. I usually prefer the Dead Kennedy’s ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ in such circumstance…but I’ll stop that joke just there, before rumour starts.

    But more seriously – was you who introduced me to Moose, for which the thanks are manifold. ‘Suzanne’ in particular is an immense piece of sound. Future blog post material, I’ve long been thinking.

  4. Live, they were transcendental. I have to say it was the live show that spoiled Fluorescence for me a bit, now I listen to it on paltry speakers and miss the anthemic epic je ne sais quoi they have live. Ooh Colin… Slowdive hmmm hmmm indeed.

  5. Colin – lowering the tone most wonderfully so!! That Slowdive video is beyond beautiful, it might the most lovely thing I’ve heard in months…. indeed as one comment said, who does have footage like that!?

    LGM – I saw them at Fitzgerald’s which according to the all-knowing search medium indicates capacity is around 700 but there were probably only 250ish present during their set. The sound was all-encompassing and one of the more lovely qualities of the venue is that the wood floors bounce and shake creating a full interactive experience. 🙂

  6. The thing is, I was never very persuaded by the studio recording of ‘Melon Yellow’ but live it just soared. And this practice session version is beautiful. As another comment mentions – if only every drummer looked so comfortable/at ease behind their kit…

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