Glasgow, Beirut, And Other Beautiful Places

4 thoughts on “Glasgow, Beirut, And Other Beautiful Places”

  1. It started out simply enough, I wanted to read some reviews on Beirut’s latest and 3 [?] hours later, I came up for air with a new favorite album [to be soon posted] and having also determined there are no good saxophone jokes though I did find a pretty okay one that goes something like: Kenny G got on an elevator and said “This rocks!”. Yeah, I know and that was the best one.

    Your city [problems aside] from an outsider’s perspective looks charming and lovely – especially since you have the opportunity of running into Mr. Sax.

  2. Must admit, this is a band that’s pretty new to my ears, too. And the more I listen, the more i like. Kinda like Erlend Øye’s solo stuff lightly marinated in Talking Heads (I know, I know, too much other artist comparison going on there…)

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