Songs For The Liquor Cabinet

3 thoughts on “Songs For The Liquor Cabinet”

  1. Of course you bought ‘Without You I’m Nothing’! It is a cornerstone of fantastic angst [the liquor cabinet knows this well!] I’ll stand behind that opinion fortified in an unshakable belief regardless of any forthcoming comment by any persons living or dead. Still, you’re right they have unfortunately spent the majority of their years chasing the same success dragon, with dastardly attempts. Whale? Well… hmm.. not for me.

  2. Placebo’s first album is actually surprising good – there’s a rawness to their sound, an energy that became lost once they became over-produced. I don’t listen to them now, however. Doesn’t press buttons, alas.

    and “hmm” is the best possible description of that Whale track. Hmm indeed.

  3. I listen to them sometimes, when feeling that angsty pull after a rough day… but only to their first album. Nostalgia at its best, perhaps. Beyond that – the rest of their releases just have an uncomfortable recycled quality. Elevator-Music Placebo Effect?

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