Film Club: Melancholia

2 thoughts on “Film Club: Melancholia”

  1. Von Trier is such a tough cookie to understand, personally and perhaps also professionally on some levels. I’ve been curious and equally skeptical about this film, your review has definitely increased the curiosity. Still, The Idiots remains my favorite film of his.

    1. There’ll come a time when von Trier will direct a movie that’s easy on the mind. Probably the same day that he quits film-making altogether to spirit himself away in some isolated forest where he can howl at the moon without interruption.

      The Idiots… yeah… obviously Melancholia is a very different beast, although there’s still the same propensity to shock. Of course, there’s nothing as remotely as tooth-pulling as Antichrist buried away in the narrative, but there’s still the same inflexion, the vague shadow of the recalcitrant jester… there’s not too many brides who do what Kirsten Dunst did on her wedding day, I’d imagine…

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