Did The Cure Split In 1989? Did I Dream It?

4 thoughts on “Did The Cure Split In 1989? Did I Dream It?”

  1. I’ve been listening to inordinate amounts of these lovecats lately – also you have 15 new posts I’ve not read yet! This is how far behind I am. Maybe by next weekend I’ll find time to breathe, read and reboot.

  2. Although I generally agree with the premise of this post, I’d like to point out that if The Cure HAD called it a day after 1989, we wouldn’t have:
    – “To Wish Imaginary Things”, from Wish, featuring the saddest viola ever recorded.
    – “Strange Attraction” from Wild Mood Swings, a wonderfully poppy pop song (poppy pop!) with lyrics I know way too well.
    – Uh, the Trilogy DVD, which is pretty sweet. I guess.

    Damn. Maybe they should have split up.

  3. Jorge – you’ve had me thinking for hours of a sadder viola sound than ‘To Wish Imaginary Things’ – and can honestly say that you’ve left me stumped. I think we can confirm that you’ve identified the saddest viola sound – at least since JS Bach.

    But yeah…perhaps 1989 is some kind of fulcrum, demarcating The Cure as a band of great tracks (with a few blips) from The Cure of dodgier records (with a few moments of sheer wow).

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