Dear ____ : Five Wow Songs Addressed To Girls…

2 thoughts on “Dear ____ : Five Wow Songs Addressed To Girls…”

  1. Good stuff, and thanks for the kind shout-out. This is a really good selection– your recommendations are far from “predictable”. It is a one-man blog and it is bound to gravitate towards a few keystone favorites, but I am constantly surprised and exposed to new sounds in this blog, even if I don’t always comment (example: as per your year-end list, I went ahead and purchased the Luke Haines and Cornershop albums. Have not given them a proper listen yet) .

    I always really liked “Judith”. It has two of my favorite people playing on it: Josh Freese (seriously, how can you not love this guy ) and Paz Lenchantin (because not only does she look like this but she also reportedly outraged Billy Corgan with her wild public sex acts), but I understand they’re out of the band now, and it’s the only APC song I know. I’ll have a listen to the rest of their work.

    “Veronica” is a fine song, but I was never a fan of the arrangement on the Spike record. I much prefer this quieter, sadder acoustic version:

  2. That’s a degree of musical responsibility I’m not sure I’m worthy of, you buying records on my recommendation. But hope you enjoy; Luke Haines in particular is horribly under-rated; beware the razors.

    Being happily married, I might have to keep my council in regards to Paz Lenchantin – although Mrs LGM (who only ever listens to Morrissey and King Creosote) loved your Costello piece so much she’s become a devout fan. She sends on her thanks.

    And talking of Mr MacManus – you’re spot on about the arrangement on the live version. The more restrained approach lets the song breathe, brings out the subtleties, the intricacies – cheers for sharing.

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