Analogue Synth: Plays Well During Any Stage Of Inebriation

3 thoughts on “Analogue Synth: Plays Well During Any Stage Of Inebriation”

  1. This will sound a little like that teacher that recently told an entire geography class of small children about Santa, but these are almost certainly sequenced VST’s – digital emulations of analog gear. You’ve have an atom-bomb of passion: buy a cheap midi keyboard and Ableton or Logic for you laptop (and one of these if your going to sing and put in live audio – – highly recommended) and sound like this at home (and no you don’t have to sequence you can play it all live if you choose to – most don’t.)

    Track one. The 101 is not this tight in reality and is very noisy. This is either a chopped up, noise reduced and re-sequenced audio sample or this:

    Track two is an emulation of a NES chip. Freebies here: Commercial product:

    Track three a Juno emu – probably another one from the incredible TOGU guys:


    – C.

  2. Dunno dude…As a listener, not a practicioner, I’ve always appreciated the Frank Morgan approach to musical understanding. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

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