Words… Music… Dystopian Landscapes

6 thoughts on “Words… Music… Dystopian Landscapes”

  1. Words spoken like someone with experience with the angst of writing. Hilarious. I still haven’t finished my first chapter either…

  2. There’s a lot of sense in that old bit about just writing for the first draft and only inviting the editor, pleaser, grammar-nazi in for the second draft. Of course, I tend to publish first drafts, so I need to take my own advice here and let those guys over to pick through the entrails more often. There’s even more sense anyway in this little aphorism, truism, male behavioral justifier: stop giving a shit and it’ll happen. – Agony Aunt C.

  3. Bah and ouch – there is so much truth in this post I don’t even know where to begin. Just as so many before me and surely many to come, I tend to submit all too often that first draft [usually written in some sort of drunken haze]. Act first, think later being a tenuous but common alibi. Then again, isn’t that the purpose of blogs… to post all sorts of nonsense that a more clear mind will later sift through dismissing all the affected drivel and abysmal punctuation errors to boot? Oh, is that just me? 😉

    1. Nope not just you – my blog is just such a horror story of morning-after-regret. But, getting the work done is more important than listening to the internal critic and defeating yourself so you don’t have to fail at living up to your egos impossible standards.

      This brings to memory a video-game I played a few years back where you venture inside the mind of a depressed starlet. Her self-confidence cowers in dressing room behind an immense stage set up for a childrens play – while a monstrous critic makes belittling attacks upon her and the show. I remember that her mood swings would send the play – a re-enactment of her unhappy childhood – careening between an optimistic smoothing over of the facts and a Dickens style horror-show. The whole level was an incredible portrayal of the artistic personality – amazing writing.

      Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYQ8WW3hXIY – C.

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