Recent Adventures In The Chemikal Underground

3 thoughts on “Recent Adventures In The Chemikal Underground”

  1. I have a (large) balcony but the weather’s just a wee bit less dreich than it is in Glasgow. Mojito was our “Official Summer Drink” in 2008. It was bit warmer that year. Haven’t decided what the “Official Summer Drink” will be this year. Way things are it’s gonna be f**kin’ Horlicks !Anyhow, I’m gonna order that Madonna… er, Human Don’t… single; if only for the sleeve. Heading to the ChemÜ-bahn site right away.

    1. Did I misspell ‘dreich’? Almost as if I’m some kind of interloper up here, forever unable to pronounce the “ch” sound correctly…

      Official Summer Drink: was in Berlin recently. There’s a bar that serves Long Island Ice Teas to die for. Morning after headache optional.

      Oh, and just for the record, Malcolm Middleton will be starring in the remake of Desperately Seeking Susan, in cinemas shortly.

  2. Yes, you misspelled ‘dreich.’ Not important as I suppose a lot of Scots do likewise. Haven’t been to Berlin in ages…
    Was a bit disappointed that the ‘Human Don’t…” single is only a digital download.

    A remake !
    Who’s directing?
    Who’s ‘Susan’ going to be? Aidan-John Moffat?

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