Recent Adventures In The Chemikal Underground

We’ve riffed before on this blog about the unencumbered joy of a perfectly flighted synth-pop record. Cerebral dance music – it’s a grace thing; transaction between human and machine gifting a landscape in which the song can grow. Mojito music – my apartment doesn’t have a balcony, and I live in a part of the world where al fresco domesticity is a somewhat foolhardy endeavour the majority of the time. But if I was verandah endowed, the weather wasn’t constantly dreach, and the locals weren’t as scary as they all too often are, then you’d be finding me out on that balcony with an oversized cocktail shaker and something like the track below the words drifting from the stereo speakers.

When I first heard this I immediately thought of Unrest, Erlend Øye’s wonderfully textured solo album from 2003. Which is kind of odd, considering that the fine folks over at Chemikal Underground think along similar lines, the Miaoux Miaoux bio page on their website spinning the exact comparison (incidentally, has there ever been a duff Chemikal Underground release? An album or single that us music geeks can resist?). Light Of The North, the début Miaoux Miaoux album, hit the stores and online boutiques last month. Well worth a listen – even if you don’t have balcony access.

Miaoux Miaoux / Better For Now

Elsewhere, if the year ended now, the Human Don’t Be Angry record (also on Chemikal Underground) will be residing in my Albums Of The Year feature. Something that all music bloggers are contractually forced to compile. Second single ‘1985’ is a fucking monumental slab of wonderful. Seriously makes me weak at the knees. But – whom to hand the remix duties to? Hmm…

Human Don’t Be Angry / 1985 (Miaoux Miaoux remix)

Finally, whilst I’m acting like Chemikal Underground’s marketing people, Secret Hits, their latest sampler – including ‘1985’ – is available GRATIS for the month of July. Click here, guys, click here

3 thoughts on “Recent Adventures In The Chemikal Underground

  1. I have a (large) balcony but the weather’s just a wee bit less dreich than it is in Glasgow. Mojito was our “Official Summer Drink” in 2008. It was bit warmer that year. Haven’t decided what the “Official Summer Drink” will be this year. Way things are it’s gonna be f**kin’ Horlicks !Anyhow, I’m gonna order that Madonna… er, Human Don’t… single; if only for the sleeve. Heading to the ChemÜ-bahn site right away.

    • Did I misspell ‘dreich’? Almost as if I’m some kind of interloper up here, forever unable to pronounce the “ch” sound correctly…

      Official Summer Drink: was in Berlin recently. There’s a bar that serves Long Island Ice Teas to die for. Morning after headache optional.

      Oh, and just for the record, Malcolm Middleton will be starring in the remake of Desperately Seeking Susan, in cinemas shortly.

  2. Yes, you misspelled ‘dreich.’ Not important as I suppose a lot of Scots do likewise. Haven’t been to Berlin in ages…
    Was a bit disappointed that the ‘Human Don’t…” single is only a digital download.

    A remake !
    Who’s directing?
    Who’s ‘Susan’ going to be? Aidan-John Moffat?

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