Words Come Crashing In: Depeche Mode’s Violator Revisited

7 thoughts on “Words Come Crashing In: Depeche Mode’s Violator Revisited”

  1. Definitely my favourite DM album and “Waiting for the night” one of my favourite tracks. Earphones is really the only the way to listen to it.

  2. That bottle of wine should have been inside you and not at your side. I think I have one (physical) DM single… not sure. mrs forms like the odd track on her mp3 player and I quite like some of the singles… particularly ‘Never Let Me Down Again’… Never heard this album but I prefer the Johnny Cash cover of ‘Personal Jesus’ to the original. When I worked in distribution we used to shift shitloads of DM 12″ EPs and singles… I should have picked a few up methinks but at the time it was a band I thought little of.

    1. DM – one of those acts that polarise. You either get them or you don’t – and if you don’t, the artist on the front cover may as well be Emperor New Clothes. As the first few paragraphs above suggest, I’m not the world’s biggest fan, but the atmospheric nuances this particular album carries are particularly persuasive.

      And an mp3 player? Wow – is mrs forms from the future or something?

  3. An Mp3 player; I wouldn’t have one in the house, but I admit to owning one (a Sony NW-HD5 which must be considered as “vintage” nowadays and which I haven’t used in years). Vinyl is my format. mrs forms is from another generation.

  4. Certainly the album which combines mass appeal with quality song writing better than any other DM album,but I would argue all their material from 86-98 was very high class, Songs Of Faith And Devotion in 93 especially.

    1. Difficult to argue against too vehemently… although maybe ‘Violator’ ushered in increasingly diminishing returns, whilst I’ve always detected an apartness with ‘Faith & Devotion’; the tight unit drifting off into different directions, the American Gothic underplay (or, perhaps more accurately: Southern Gothic) perhaps clashing with the Basildon heritage. Certainly an album worth a whirl, however.

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