And All Throughout The Years: Sugar’s Copper Blue Revisited

3 thoughts on “And All Throughout The Years: Sugar’s Copper Blue Revisited”

  1. Well, it WAS a lifetime ago… to some. Anyhow, I don’t think I’ve listened to that disc since 1992. I got caught up in the web of hype (©NME) and invested some hard-earned kopeks in a couple of Sugar discs. And a T-shirt !!! Which I still have but would imagine to be a very tight fit nowadays. I think I even saw the band play (but I’m not sure because I saw so many groups back then that my memory fails me – due undoubtedly to going to shows almost every other night and alcohol abuse). Will add to my list of vinyls for reappraisal.

  2. Never caught Bob Mould live, alas, although he has been gigging this very album of late – live interpretations of the back cat as singularity being where it’s at once the public stop buying your new material.

    The production on this album is very 1992. But I enjoyed giving this a spin. Well worth a revisit (even if follow-up album ‘Beaster’ is darker, far superior listen).

  3. Listen to a podcast review of Copper Blue by Sugar on Dig Me Out at, a weekly podcast dedicated to revisiting lost, forgotten, overlooked and under-appreciated rock of the 1990s.

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