A Colour Of Spring: Talk Talk, Autism, And Me

4 thoughts on “A Colour Of Spring: Talk Talk, Autism, And Me”

  1. Guilt is a total fucker, to be sure. But, like jealousy, it is an utterly wasted emotion. You need to wave goodbye to it. As hard as that can be. Just bear in mind it isn’t a life raft.

    As for Hollis. I just wish I had twenty grand to buy a proper system that could let me hear ‘Laughing Stock’ the way I think it should sound. Or even the way I imagine it in my head on the way to work.

    There is a book coming out entitled ‘Spirit of Talk Talk’. And an album to match it. Dozens of artists no doubt butchering their chosen Hollis composition. Sigh.

    But, the Shearwater live version of ‘The Rainbow’ does prove Hollis wrong on one point. The last two Talk Talk albums could have made it in the live arena, possibly.

    Doesn’t bear thinking about….

  2. Wonderfully expressed, as is everything here.

    Our son Owen (age 9) is the great love of our lives. And also a visitor from another planet that is very much like our own. He surprises us every day.



    I don’t mean to clutter up your blog with links, but rather to express how high the highs can be and how low the lows.

    Owen is mainstreamed now, he has everything he needs, including the love of a big extended family. Everything is good now, as good as it’s ever been.

    It’s an adventure isn’t it? Wishing you and yours all the best.

    1. Thanks HR. And feel free to leave as many links as you see fit; the Oak & Acorn pieces are a fantastic read. “I look at him and I see all of my own failings” is a sentiment I’m particularly familiar with. Wonderfully written words – if anyone else happens to be stumbling upon the comments on an old blog post, I very much recommend those links represent a new transaction.

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