Crap Rock Star Anecdote #482

Night falls in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been in a weird mood these last few days. Restless; flitting between this track and that, this genre and that, dismissing discs from the turntable with a flippant ambivalence just a few bars into the opening song. Waiting for a shard of music to grab me by the thorax like it’s some late bus. Tempted to call out a musician for a fight – I fancy my chances against some (if not all) of Bananarama or Alien Sex Fiend.

Below the words is a track from the just released album by SPC ECO – the latest endeavour from Dean Garcia, ex-Curve. Toni Halliday – his former partner in crime – had such the dominant, vampish voice that a lighter vocal touch feels somewhat liberating – that blast of fresh air we’ve all been hearing about (at least until my head was turned by some other shiny if insubstantial record). And as I’m nothing if not an ardent pedlar of naff rock star anecdote: I have a signed copy of Curve’s Come Clean album up there on the shelves. Toni spelled my name incorrectly. I’m not a forgiving sort of guy. It should be known that I bear more grudges than lonely High Court judges*

SPC ECO / Rip It All Home

* And if you don’t know where that quote is gleaned from, you probably require professional help. 

8 thoughts on “Crap Rock Star Anecdote #482

  1. “* And if you don’t know where that quote is gleaned from, you probably require professional help. ”

    I have expected you to say: “And if you know what that means great but if not, you should read more.”

  2. Curve – one of those bands (like Ride, The Beta Band, Clinic) whose first 3 EPs transcended everything else they ever recorded… although I did give Doppelgänger a spin a few days ago. Dated, but still stands up to a modern ear.

    And Judge Weeks probably has my favourite quote concerning Steven Patrick that didn’t arrive from the great man himself…

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