A Drunk Actor’s Playlist: The Most Significant Albums Of 1983

8 thoughts on “A Drunk Actor’s Playlist: The Most Significant Albums Of 1983”

  1. Editor’s confession: since writing this earlier tonight, I’ve received confirmation that A Walk Across the Rooftops by The Blue Nile was indeed a 1984 release. Was duff info accepted as correct – apologies.

    Still, I could have simply deleted that reference… instead I’ll leave it where it is, if only because 1984 has even more significant records in its lucky dip. That’ll be the next post, then.

  2. There’s not much to disagree with that Ye have posted here, young squire, though I would have to add Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues.

    I would also like to confess that I’ve just made my blog rounds this afternoon and find it quite lovely that you and I were on the same New Order kick, albeit briefly and 3 days a part.

    1. Ha! New Order. Still hauling their saggy butts around the festival circuit. Having opened Twitter the other day, the very first correspondent was live at a sound check, whooping it up over the band performing ‘She’s Lost Control’; I hit the exit key.

  3. Wait… this prose has turned confusing. Am I to glean that you are not a New Order fan? All of a sudden the world has gone topsy turvy.

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