Live From The Chestnut Tree Café: The Most Significant Albums Of 1984

5 thoughts on “Live From The Chestnut Tree Café: The Most Significant Albums Of 1984”

  1. Oranges and lemons…
    Nice pic and 1984 extract.

    Lots of dreadful rubbish indeed. U2 _ largely forgettable bollocks… My late first wife liked some of their stuff so I still have some singles -2 or 3 of the Joshua Trees series with the Anton Corbijn sleeves. and the ‘Boy’ album which I couldn’t possibly listen to without puking.
    Otherwise, Dead Can Dance and X-Mal Deutschland were bands that I passed on. Lloyd Cole began well but went downhill fast… Could just about listen to ‘Perfect Skin’ all the way through. Possibly. Siouxie and The Cure were at the bottom of the 2nd division then. Been relegated to the nether leagues ever since. I’m not sure if I still have the ‘Treasure’ album… My daughter ‘borrowed’ a few of my Cocteau discs a few years back. Only Felt disc I have is ‘Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty’ so I missed out on the follow-up. Smiths and Cave ones are still there; safely packed away in their storage boxes. Curiously; and despite being rather fond of The Teardrop Explodes I didn’t get Cope’s solo efforts.
    On the whole; some good, some bad, some downright dreadful albums. Like every other year really.
    Anyhow, your bit has got me wanting to read Orwell’s Meisterwerk once more rather than listen to any of the discs mentioned.
    First time I read it it was as an abridged serial version in The Victor comic book when I was but a mere nipper. Been hooked ever since.

    1. Eric Blair; where to begin? Was probably twelve or so when first encountering Nineteen-Eighty-Four. In book form (pocket money always thrown at records and books; never enough for comics… somewhat like these days). Always planned to write my undergrad thesis on it – probably should have, too.

      And everything else; as much as debating the subjective is of any worth… I’ll fight you to the death (or maybe to a mild headache) regarding the “second division” reference (although I’ll resist making any comparison with a certain soccer team). And as for Cope; anything pre-Peggy Suicide is essential. I’ll visit the Glasgow Cassette Emporium on your behalf…

  2. Ok… Speaking of ‘fighting to the death’, I will try to ignore the hating on the U2s Unforgettable Fire. Mostly because it was one of the few albums that kept me company when I across the great Atlantic to live oversea. Plus, I have a fervent devotion to Bad that will never fade. Neither here nor there, I’m more in shock The Stranglers Aural Sculpture didn’t at least make an honorable mention. It’s a favorite on my Autumn rotation. Felt The Splendour of Fear is already a favorite, but then you already knew that.

  3. Yeah…I’ve been to Europe too. Scared the bejesus out of me – and that was without U2 for company.

    (I will admit that the first three tracks on The Joshua Tree really work… but I’m not sure if that’s more of a fortuitous accident of tracklisting rather than songcraft+execution).

    Aural Sculpture was on the longlist for this year’s piece (I’m trying to keep it to around ten or so albums, otherwise I’m at risk of disappearing up my own prose via an unimpressive implosion). That’s subjectivity, for ya.

  4. “at risk of disappearing up my own prose via an unimpressive implosion”… yikes sounds painful but I’m pretty sure they make a cream for that.

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