From Velouria To The Apex Of Summer: A Sideways Glance At The Legacy Of Pixies

8 thoughts on “From Velouria To The Apex Of Summer: A Sideways Glance At The Legacy Of Pixies”

  1. … and fruit tasted better then too.

    Got me wanting to get all my Pixies discs out (except Trompe le monde, bien sûr). They were rather good in their day.
    Saw the band play twice -once sharing the bill with Ride- and thoroughly enjoyed both shows… I can’t quite explain why but or some obscure reason I’ve always loathed Kim Deal though. And have never bought a Black Francis record.

  2. “I was hitch-hiking across Massachusetts when a guy called Joey S picked me up in a beat-up VW Beetle…”

    I’ve a feeling you “borrowed” this from some book or other… I’m sure I’ve read the same thing or something very similar somewhere before… In a Simon Reynolds book maybe… but I’m not sure… C’est déjà vu !

    1. The strange thing is; whilst I do from time to time insert song lyrics or the odd uncredited quote into pieces – all very knowing and post-modern, of course – the hitch-hiking in Massachusetts line is all my own work (albeit a deliberate attempt at generic, sub-Karouac nonsense).

      “The sun shone down like marmalade, and covered us in glue,” however – that’s a clear and overt borrow.

  3. All your own work… I’ll take your word for it but I’m absolutely sure that I’ve read that (verbatim) in some novel or book or whatever… Maybe that “Love is a Mixtape” book…. I’ll find it… one day… maybe. Didn’t notice the WonderStuff quote… A band I was never interested in.

    I was a kid, hitch-hiking across the South of France, when a guy called Pierre picked me up in a brand new Renault 6 and turned on the tape machine… Genesis, ELP, King Crimson… I knew them all so he put in another tape and said: “Bet you’ve never heard this before. It’s just been released.” When I replied: “Yes I do; it’s Oxygène by Jean-Michel Jarre” the guy was flabbergasted and said: “Wow! You know everything.” I modestly replied: “No I don’t; I just listen to a lot of music.” We drove on, for a few miles, chatting about the new, live Allman Brothers Band album as Jean-Michel droned away in the background and dinosaurs still ruled the Earth.*

    *authentic anecdote

      1. “I listen to a lot of music.” – That doesn’t mean that I ever purchase(d) dreadful tripe such as that produced by Monsieur Jarre.
        By the way: he was in town last month for some exhibition of photos of Charlotte Rampling (his ex-wife or whatever); he looks ghastly… his whole face has been given a huge Mme Tussaud’s botox special. Also been overdoing it with the L’Oréal hair colouring.

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