A House Full Of Leaves: The Most Significant Albums Of 1990

5 thoughts on “A House Full Of Leaves: The Most Significant Albums Of 1990”

    1. Aye… japanese forms has kinda pre-empted by response to that in the comment below; certain tracks appeared elsewhere first. Although I will happily concede that conventional thought has this as a studio album.

      I guess for me it’s all about the first three EPs. A triptych, or an insect framed in amber.

  1. ‘Nowhere’ is not a compilation (as Aaron previously states) as far as I’m aware though it does have the entire ‘Fall’ EP on it. Some good albums there; I have several… Others not my cup of tea at all. Danielewski’s ‘House Of Leaves’ (you misspelled his name) I’ve read at least 5 times and am still blown away on each occasion… Actually, I have some recordings (god knows where) of Mr Danielewski reading extracts from it to a soundtrack that either he or his sister/brother [not sure] wrote for it. As for Betty Boo… I’d forgotten all about her very existence although I still remember one of her singles being played to death in almost every shop, pub, mall etc. etc. in the UK at the time.

    1. Thanks – typo fixed.

      Could easily climb into a serious, labyrinthine discussion on ‘House Of Leaves’. Not only does it repeatedly haunt, it does so in very different ways each time – kind of like that shifting house or Johnny Truant’s mindset. Although this is a music blog (apparently); as it is, I’ll just confirm that Mark Z has worked with his sister on quite a few tracks in the past. Worth a listen? .

      1. If memory serves me well; the music made for the House of Leaves (lectures/readings/whatever?) isn’t that good. I’ll have a browse through my various HDDs and see if I can find it… Also have some stuff with Bret Easton Ellis (with music)… I think. the sounds might be on one of my (numerous) MiniDiscs…

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