Record Racks On Fire: The Most Significant Albums Of 1991, Part One

3 thoughts on “Record Racks On Fire: The Most Significant Albums Of 1991, Part One”

  1. Love it! Great to see a shout out for Chapterhouse and The Ned’s, two of my fave bands of that era. Would love to see ‘Never Loved Elvis’ by The Wonder Stuff get a mention in part two 🙂

    1. Ah, ‘Never Loved Elvis’. Bought on day of release. Hitch-hiked the 50 miles to Brighton to see them on that tour. And of course I can’t listen to the record now. Dare I use the word “cheesy”? A couple of tracks I’d still defend; ‘Inertia’, ‘Here Comes Everyone’, ‘Mission Drive’, But when faced with a ‘Size Of A Cow’ or ‘Welcome To The Cheap Seats’, I just want to go away and hide, or listen to a Slowdive record.

      My theory is that the band really lost something when the late Rob Jones quit. He co-write most of ‘The Eight Legged Groove Machine’ and ‘Hup’, and I think you can tell that the momentum shifted towards Miles Hunt’s agenda from ‘Elvis’ onwards.

      So: sorry to disappoint. If it’s any consolation, your comment has made me want to dig out my copy of ‘Who Wants To Be The Disco King’ – the volume will be loud.

      1. Ha ha – I see your point! I see those songs as a bit of a ‘guilty pleasure’ now, I’d definitely add ‘Maybe’ to your list of still credible songs from that album – cracking tune. Funnily enough I heard an early demo of ‘Size of a Cow’ before ‘Never Loved Elvis’ was released and it was a lot more guitar led, I was slightly disappointed when I heard the final version on the album.

        I still love ’em though (even if im not too fussed about their newer stuff) and am seeing them again in December supported by PWEI & Jesus Jones – can’t bloody wait!

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