November, Spawning A Monster / Baltic Fleet

2 thoughts on “November, Spawning A Monster / Baltic Fleet”

  1. I think releasing a best of 2012 when there’s still five or six weeks left in 2012 a bit perverse myself, yet I’m finding the last two months of this year a bit weak on releases… Unless, of course, Shields actually makes good on his promise to release a new MBV album before the end of December. Have you anything good that’s new in November?

    1. The Godspeed record was probably the most recent to trigger fireworks round here… although this time of year has always been a dead zone as far as new releases go. Something to do with people who don’t like music buying reissued and repackaged compilations full of shite to give to other people who don’t like music for Christmas (not that you can tell I spent too long working in record stores with that statement). .

      As for the new MBV… that might just be the post-rock masterpiece recorded on obsolete hardware in the spare bedroom as mentioned above. Although like ghosts or Jesus, I’ll believe in its existence when it when I experience it.

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