Lazer Guided Melody’s Best Albums Of 2012: #10 – #2

3 thoughts on “Lazer Guided Melody’s Best Albums Of 2012: #10 – #2”

  1. Excellent list. Needless to say, my own will be quite different save for the one by J Spaceman. I did enjoy the Toy and Amanda Palmer records as well. I await for #1….

  2. I wanted very badly to love the new GSYBE record, but I always hear GSYBE in the fraught context of Y2K. It’s hard to imagine anyone surpassing those first records. I can remember some reviewer somewhere talking about Elvis Costello’s late-80s records and lamenting that every Happy Mondays record (or somebody, I can’t remember who) arrives fresh to the ear, but every “Indoor Fireworks” or “Blue Chair” has to compete with “Living in Paradise.” There’s just too much context. Same with Magnetic Fields. Anyway, I greatly look forward to investigating all the rest of this list, terra incognita to me for the most part, over the holiday. And a happy holiday to you, sir!

    1. The context in how (and when) we listen is a fascinating subject. Just as there’s a chasm in perception between – off the top of my head – listening to music on the ipod when running and lying on the floorboards with headphones and a couple of bottles of wine, so there’s many subtitles in when it was we first heard something, and the attached mental baggage (both good and bad).

      Personally, it feels like a long ten years since the last Godspeed album, which might shape my appreciation somewhat. And the same goes for The Magnetic Fields (in a slightly twisted way); because it’s been a while since the last synth album, and it’s not attempting to be 69 Love Songs part 2, it arrived on my turntable with glee.

      But that’s the joy of subjectivity for you.

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