The Best Records Of 2012: #1 – Human Don’t Be Angry

4 thoughts on “The Best Records Of 2012: #1 – Human Don’t Be Angry”

  1. I never got beyond ‘The Crying of Lot 49’ in the Pynchon stakes… “It didn’t shift in massive units” – The last time I looked; late November, a local (mini-chain) store still had the 5 (CD) copies they ordered. Might have been returned since. Ooooh! I really like that Tin Machine comparison…[Wire – like paragraph follows] … Pat Benatar !!! (gulp!)…. Give us a break. Please! …. A kraken ! Saleswise it sunk like a drekar so I suppose a kraken did rise up somewhere…. I really have to check it out because the ‘Midnight Noodles’ EP is rather tasty. My 5½ year-old really likes the Singalongamax ‘Dreamer’ track.

  2. MM’s a genuine fan of Pat Benatar. It’s sure mentioned enough in almost every interview.

    The Tin Machine reference might have worked better had Bowie’s sabbatical band not been such the turgid in-joke – but unlike Pynchon (who I struggler with), I can only work with the material at-hand.

    Not as enchanted as your wee one re: Midnight Noodles. Works more as an appendix to the main record, even if that is an adorable appendix. No idea if there’ll ever be another HDBA record – certainly not in the near future – so I’d recommend buying all five copies in your local emporium.

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