An Unfestive Misanthrope Plays Christmas Albums

3 thoughts on “An Unfestive Misanthrope Plays Christmas Albums”

  1. Oh my, no love for “Christmas Wrapping.” That song always reminds me of walking 2 miles day after day to my girlfriend’s house, one long hard winter, during a dark late 80s period when I couldn’t afford car insurance.

    “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues deserves some love.

    I love the Guaraldi record. I own a two-disc compilation of Guaraldi’s best and his Peanuts holiday record is better in every way. A Built To Spill freak-out of Linus & Lucy that I love, too:

    Worst Christmas record of all time: Barbara Streisand: A Christmas Album

    Best Christmas Record of all time: Over The Rhine, “The Darkest Night Of The Year”

    Out of print, now, but here:

    Also, “Father Christmas,” by the Kinks.

    Merry Chrsitmas, my friend!

  2. Thanks HR.

    I’m actually quite the fan of both The Waitresses song and the band in general. If only the lyrics concerned – for example – sacrifices of the heart during a long walk home in the dark, rather than Xmas, it would have been a more engaging track.

    ‘Fairytale of New York’ suffers from being plastered everywhere this time of year, at least in the UK (the weekly singles sales chart has just been released; this song is at #12. That’s a large number of downloads). Which I guess confirms my music snob credentials – unable to appreciate something promoted by the hive mind. Oh well.

    Still, cheers for the Built to Spill and Over The Rhine heads-up. Haven’t heard of either before; am off to check out.

    And bah humbugs aside, hoppe the Ramble family have a good one.

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