The Most Significant Albums Of 1997 – Competition Results

8 thoughts on “The Most Significant Albums Of 1997 – Competition Results”

      1. An ouragously remiss comment. SFA are one of the most important, progressive and original British bands of the last 20 years. I’ve enjoyed your blog, but such a simple dismissal of the SFA wares has me spewing vitriol at my ipad

  1. @BartGunn – ack…well… you can’t please all of the punters all of the time. That’s the subjective nature of music appreciation I guess. Eye of the beholder, and all that (albeit no dismissals are every simple, at least hereabouts).

    Still, if I’m wrong, do tell – always open to rebuttals, especially if well argued. Guest posts always welcome.

    1. My preference would be for LGM to go and listen to SFA’s ‘Radiator’ and reasses it’s omission from the Best Albums of 1997! Allmusic 4.5/5; Pitchfork 8.6/10; Tiny Mix Tapes 5/5……..

      1. Hmm – maybe you’d be on slightly stronger ground with Guerilla, which I’d argue is their most engaging LP.

        Radiator isn’t a bad album by any stretch, but it’s still the sound of a band honing their craft, en route to their own particular summit, not yet fully formed. It’s not helped by a dated, ’90’s production (which many bands of that time suffer from). Compare this record to – for example – Giant Steps by the Boo Radleys (similar ground and all that), and there’s only one winner.

        1. “Hermann loves Pauline and Pauline loves Hermann
          They made love giving birth to a little German
          They called him MC Squared because he raps like no other
          An asthma sufferer, like Ernesto Guevara”

          You won’t find a better opening verse to many songs. Not sure I agree about the poor production or that Guerilla is a better album as a whole, though it most definitely has some top notch tracks on it.

          We’ll agree to differ on this one then!

  2. @BartGunn – another lyric from a 1997 record to compare and contrast?

    You stalk the house in a low-cut blouse :
    “Oh Christ, another stifled Friday night !”
    And the Fulham Road lights stretch and invite into the night
    Well, I was fifteen, what could I know ?

    But yeah, let’s agree to differ. 1998 soon. Some interesting choices.

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