The Most Significant Albums Of 1997 – Maladjusted, Revisited

3 thoughts on “The Most Significant Albums Of 1997 – Maladjusted, Revisited”

  1. I like this Album, I saw Mozza in Edinburgh Usher Hall this summer. He still has it. I love the lyrics to the first track, “kill of the lights and the windows of all safe and stable homes”… “the Fulham road stretch and invite into the night”

    I go through Smiths and Morrissey phases regularly, I wrote an article about The Hand that rocks the cradle which I’ll link here if thats cool. It is very well observed and deals with subjects like well…. read for yourself and make up your own mind. oh there is a video of the song in case its new to you which I am sure it is not

    1. In many ways, Morrissey reminds me of one of those old Vegas crooners; the type who have the same act for fifty years and yet still hold the crowd in the palm of their hands. I’ve seen the occasional gig that didn’t work – he played the Royal Festival Hall in London around the time of ‘You Are The Quarry’, and whether it was something to do with the venue or just an off night, it all came across as a little flat – but in the main, to witness him prowling the stage is a wonder. He was particularly sensational at Glasgow’s Barrowlands a few years back, A fantastic venue in which everything just came together (including a version of ‘Death Of A Disco Dancer’ to die for).

      Cheers for the link. There’s plenty more Morrissey stuff on this site, if that floats your boat. Some ridiculous, twelve-part fan-boy love for ‘Vauxhall’, for instance…

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