The Most Significant Albums Of 1997 – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, Revered

6 thoughts on “The Most Significant Albums Of 1997 – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, Revered”

  1. I watched Spiritualized perform Ladies and Gentlemen at the Sydney Opera House the May before last. When I told the boyfriend not to talk to me, It wasn’t entirely out of anger, maybe it was out of caution, but mostly it was because my relationship with L&G (and others, no doubt) transcends and exceeds my relationships with people. This was our moment.

    It was my #1 experience of 2011:

    It’s not as eloquent a read as yours – mostly defense and denial for my sniffles throughout.

    I still use Stay With Me and Cool Waves (in that order) as forms of release for when everything gets too much.

    1. Thanks for the link, I so get the “don’t talk to me” instruction. It’s the same reason why I usually listen to albums on headphones – generally lying on the floorboards with my eyes closed and a large glass of red wine to hand – it’s all to do with experiencing the sound, No outside distractions. A pure form of context.

      And this album. Weep; don’t think I even came close to describing what this record means to me. Oh well.

      (Incidentally, I’m loving the new Echodrone album. I think they’ll shortly become another band we’ve both blogged about).

      1. I have a room to myself that is just for music, but even then, the intimacy provided by headphones is something else.

        I’ve gone through years without listening to some of my most revered albums because the factors governing ideal ambience – weather, time, day, chance of interruption – haven’t been adequate. If an album can’t be listened to without the requisite undivided, uninterrupted attention, it shouldn’t be listened to at all.

  2. @Radhika… a music room. Now, that is some serious dedication.

    As for your second paragraph. I couldn’t agree more; the concept of music as something that’s on in the background is offensive. It’s why I could never own an mp3 player; if I’m going to play an album it has to have my undivided attention – I’d end up squished by traffic or walking into a canal if listening out of the house.

  3. Well done. This is a very hard album to find any sort of combination of words that can describe how I feel about this album and I am sure your love for it runs even deeper. It’s like trying to describe a part of yourself to the world using only colours.

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