Lit By Neon: The Most Significant Albums Of 1998, Part One

4 thoughts on “Lit By Neon: The Most Significant Albums Of 1998, Part One”

  1. That’s a Jeremy Deller pic (I think) on the Black B.R. sleeve… It’s on the cover of some art magazine or catalogue that I have on a shelf (somewhere) but can’t be arsed right now to look for it…. I’ve been neglecting your blog so I’ll have to catch up a wee bit… later. ‘Silur’ is still a fave for me… Smashing Pumpkins *groan* Had some SubPop vinyls, which I gave but a cursory listen, which went on uPay years ago… Hole… really liked ‘Live Through This’ but listened to nothing that came after (maybe a 45 but i’m not sure)… QoTSA & Garbage… yawn. Still got my Buckley discs -incuding the one you mention- and the ticket and flyer from the concert when I saw him play… + a little card to fill in to join his fan club or summat (will have to post you a pic).
    As for ‘Ray of Light’… I prefer the Spain track of the same name… Got a 10″ of that one… Or maybe it’s a 10″ version of the album (Blue Moods of…) ….. Don’t think I’ve ever heard the 3rd Eye Foundation… My mind struggles a bit these days…

  2. “…or the somewhat lacklustre Version 2.0 by Garbage.”

    Somewhat lacklustre? I disagree. This album is wonderful and rich in great songs. Every song is a winner.

    It’s definitely one of the best albums of ’98 (if not the best one).

    1. There’s a rule in these parts: disagree with LGM, and you’re invited to write a piece (500 to 1,000 words) explaining just how LGM is wrong. Guaranteed publication: I look forward to reading 🙂

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