Twitterati Jukebox #1

10 thoughts on “Twitterati Jukebox #1”

      1. lgm / japaneseforms your recommendations have been duly noted. My £7.98 is winging its way to Johnny Trunk’s bank account as we speak

  1. Yep, I agree with people on the Parquet Courts album. I’ve also got a real soft spot for ‘Out of View’ by The History of Apple Pie at the moment, think it’s the nostalgic early 90’s thing. The Adam Green & Binki Shapiro album is pretty damn good too.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m still to be convinced by the Parquet Courts record. Can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard all before – probably back in 1979, or something. Of the above, i really enjoy Ducktails and Foxygen – I could well imagine Belle & Sebestian doing a gorgeous cover of the latter.

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