Fuzzy Logic: Why LGM Is Wrong About Super Furry Animals

7 thoughts on “Fuzzy Logic: Why LGM Is Wrong About Super Furry Animals”

  1. Bart, just like you’re wife (who I owe my early blogging career to), you’re a natural blogger and I definitely think you should start up your own thing. You must have many tales from working at The Garage that are dying to be written down.

    I agree with you, SFA are something else, and I will forever cherish my vinyl copy of Fuzzy Logic.

    Looking forward to reading your post for Session Bloggers.

    Ps if you do start your own blog please can you do a regular music related Listography thing like Kate. Ta.

    1. Thanks Monsieur Session Blogger! Something for you is still on my to-do list and more than likely still on the Hip-Hop tip. Cheers!

      1. Ha ha! Yep, until he signs that blogging contract a lot of major bloggers will be after his posts. Not saying I’m a major blogger mind, I’m the equivalent of a back street record label with one really naff act! But all that could change when I get Bart on board.

  2. Ha ha. Such flattery! Unfortunately, acquiring me as a ‘major’ might well turn out to be like spending 35m on Andy Carroll….

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