Bowie’s Life On Mars, As Not Heard Before

2 thoughts on “Bowie’s Life On Mars, As Not Heard Before”

  1. Not been on the net much this past week due to “issues” with Flickr (can’t log in)… They’re actually asking me to provide answers to questions they asked me 8 years ago and to which I have no inkling what the they are!
    Bastards! Can’t access my stream nor my 4000 or so images despite providing the correct ID and password… And they keep sending me the same reply and refuse to answer the questions the I’ve asked them about how I can prove that I really am the account holder. Seriously pissed off!

    Sorry; had to have a little rant… Anyhow, sounds like a version of ‘Life on Mars’ but without the “bollocks” so to speak. Still, it is quite good though I prefer the Langley School version of ‘Space Oddity’ to it.

    1. Flickr purgatory – would probably drive me batty as well (noticed that you hadn’t updated for a wee while). We’re all just an invalid login away from a very bad place.

      You heard the new Bowie, by the way? Views?

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