Sandie Shaw > Dusty Springfield. Discuss.

5 thoughts on “Sandie Shaw > Dusty Springfield. Discuss.”

  1. I should probably add that this post was requested by (Twitter user) @orfy. If you have a subject you’d like me to write badly about, contact details are at the bottom of this page.

  2. Quality music journalism on demand – I could get used to this!
    I have to come clean and admit that my pro-Dusty stance is borne from an ignorance much of Ms Goodrich’s oeuvre, but I’ll be putting in some YouTube shifts this weekend to make up for it.
    Next up I’d like a piece on that other Moz fave Twinkle please… 😉

  3. I’d pick Dusty over Sandie… Prefer a Terry’s Chocolate Orange to that that dreadful ‘Terry’ by Twinkle. Also, it’s strange how Sandie Shaw’s ‘Puppet on a String’ gets dissed while France Gall’s ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’ (and other such appalling tripe) is considered as the epitomy of cool in some circles.

    1. i think the France Gall thing has to do with Serge. You’ve no doubt got a closer grip of things in terms of the cultural impact of La Pop française – or at least its relationship with the British equivalent – hipsters love ancient pop more when filtered through a foreign, playful tongue, perhaps?

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