Yes! We Have Sound: The Most Significant Albums Of 2005

6 thoughts on “Yes! We Have Sound: The Most Significant Albums Of 2005”

  1. Great list of albums as usual.

    “Witching Hour” by Ladytron is not only the best album of 2005 for me, but also simply my favorite album ever.

      1. First of all, “Witching Hour” is the album that I listened the most. I heard it for the first time in 2005 when it was released and since then it’s always on my playlist. Another reason is the superb quality of songs: every song is great. Also the production and the artwork are excellent.

        The opening trio of High Rise / Destroy Everything You Touch / International Dateline is one of the best album openings ever. The same could be said about the closing trio of Beauty*2 / Whitelightgenerator / All the Way…

        The music is diverse, insanely addictive and it still sounds exciting after many listens. The lyrics are cryptic, quite dark and definitely not mundane.

        I like also the mix of synthetic and organic sounds. It’s quite hard to tell how they made certain sounds. This is not a purely electronic album: it’s much more. The jump from “Light & Magic” to “Witching Hour” is amazing.

        And last but not least: the gorgeous voices of Helen Marnie & Mira Aroyo. I can’t think of better voices to fit Ladytron’s music. These are the kind of voices you could listen for hours.

        “Witching Hour” is truly a masterpiece. It means a lot to me.

        1. I like the fact that you included all Ladytron albums released until 2005 (so far). I hope you’ll include “Velocifero” on 2008 list.
        2. amTV is usually regarded as WH’s least interesting song. At first I didn’t like it too much but after repeated listens it grew on me. It’s a bit surprising that you selected this song as the album’s highlight.

        1. Thanks for the words – always find the reasons for holding one album closer to the heart than any other fascinating. And whilst I don’t share your utmost devotion to this (I have ‘Witching Hour’ down as good rather than great), I certainly understand where you’re coming from in terms of “the mix of synthetic and organic sounds” you mention.

          And as for ‘amTV’; always found this the linking device between albums #1 & #2, and later, bolstered material. Sisterly, I guess.

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