Nostalgia In A Different Hue, Or Two: The Most Significant Albums Of 2006

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia In A Different Hue, Or Two: The Most Significant Albums Of 2006”

  1. I have never listened to an Arctic Monkeys record. Life’s too short. Not to mention that other Kasabian and Killers dross nor that other godawful crap called Muse. The NME was long dead before 2006. Otherwise, there might be a couple of good ones in there somewhere. Might not. Can only talk for Mogwai; which is brill.

    1. Ah, yes, the dear old New Musical Express. Referenced in this piece purely to illustrate the proliferation of mainstream indie dross about in this era. I haven’t even glanced at a copy for a good fifteen years – which i guess speaks for its relevance.

  2. Really enjoyed this blog post. Totally agreed with your comments re Muse & Killers. Totally disagree with comments on Arctic Monkeys – some corking tracks on their debut. Didn’t agree with your choices, but loved the writing. Going to trawl back through the posts

    1. Thanks. Might be an age thing. Too old or too jaded to appreciate the Arctic Monkeys – although ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ is far, far preferable to anything by Kasabian, The Killers, or (ugh) Muse.

  3. Definitely not an age thing …. I’m 57! LOL

    Going to massively disagree with you re Kasabian and am guessing you may only have heard the singles. In over 40 years of gigging, (and I really can’t think of anyone I haven’t seen live), Kasabian are probably my favourite live band of all time.

    They are also up there with Zeppelin, Sabbath, and REM as having the best “first four” albums … four very different albums from each other (very, very few acts have even three decent albums in them)

    Totally agree about cartoon acts The Killers & Muse, though

    However, as a friend of mine constantly reminds me … there is no bad music, just music you don’t enjoy

    1. Up there with Zep? That’s quite some praise. Every single Kasabian track I’ve ever heard – and it’s quite a few – has left me totally devoid of anything to grasp onto. a re-listen is obviously in order.

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