Remind Me – Why Are Watching Another 1978 Episode Of Top Of The Pops, Again?

4 thoughts on “Remind Me – Why Are Watching Another 1978 Episode Of Top Of The Pops, Again?”

  1. I am loving these re-runs – I don’t catch them all but there’s nothing like watching TOTP whilst reading people’s funny / sarcastic / informed comments on Twitter (there are always a few bad jokes on there). Good fun.

    1. Absolutely; if I’m around a TV when it’s on (and I’m fairly certain that the BBC are being canny by scheduling the re-runs at exactly the same time in the evening they were originally shown), I’ll tune in more times than not.

      But Jesus – such cringe-worthy television. Tonight’s was a great example; every single track a travesty – highly unrepresentative of the sounds of the era. And the overt sexism made it feel like an episode of ‘On The Buses’ – the women there to be gawped at. Cue Tony Blackburn’s patronising outro to that Bonnie Tyler track. cue Legs & Co, flashing their knickers during the disco track. And as for Dee D Jackson, performing ‘Automatic Lover’ – well, let’s just say that catsuit + big tits + no bra makes for embarrassing TV when that’s all the women are there to do.

      1. Yes – all part of its charm! Parts are truly awful – but then you get a great performance from someone you remember seeing the first time, or someone you’d never seen before and you forget the travesty you had just sat through moments before..

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