Wanna Be In My Gang? The Most Significant Albums Of 2007

9 thoughts on “Wanna Be In My Gang? The Most Significant Albums Of 2007”

  1. Can’t be arsed guessing. Battles, Wooden Shjips, Von Südenfed… are 3 of my fave albums of that year… All 3 are highly recommended. And yes, the utterly fab, ‘Slow Down Ronnie’ should/could have been on the album. As for the others; I’ve never heard Beirut or Explosions in the Sky so no comment. I’ll have to give Middleton’s album a re-listen (and reappraisal perhaps). Recall playing it and then sticking it in a box (I was moving); 2007 was a “difficult” year for me so maybe it didn’t suit my mindset at the time.
    Ah, yes, I liked “North American Scum” a lot from the LCD_S_System album but prefer the ‘Jump into the Fire’ b-side better. Not 2007 though?

  2. What? No, not a guess. Pure coincidence more like. And, I posted my comment after you published. Your LCDSS post wasn’t up when I wrote my comment. At 11:56 according to the timestamp. Didn’t even see it until now (08:00 am GMT)

  3. Just working back and having a mailbox clear out. No doubt I must have dismissed it out of hand or simply read it at the time and deleted it. What was nmero uno again?


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