Hungry for Hobnobs: ‘Appetite For Destruction’ Revisited

5 thoughts on “Hungry for Hobnobs: ‘Appetite For Destruction’ Revisited”

  1. Have you ever listened to Luna’s cover of “Sweet child o’ mine”? Probably the best example of a cover (for me anyway) that reinvents and redefines the original in such a way that makes you appreciate the original songwriting that much move… and of course, it makes you appreciate Dean Wareham’s axe wielding that much more as well.

  2. This piece reminds me of Jimmy Rabbitte’s mock interview with Wogan whilst sat in the bath in The Commitments. Appetite for Destruction is an absolute 5 star belter of an album and probably sits at the top of the pile of albums that would benefit from a complete remastering to give the overall sound a lot more oomph a la QOTSA. It’s another album like ‘The Stone Roses’ that makes you wish the amp went up to 14 as the recording levels are so shit. Following this remastering, I think your opinions above would (should) differ dramatically. The 80’s production shouldn’t detract from what is one of the great debut albums of all time……..and certainly surpasses the rest of the crap that GnR followed it up with. Though their ‘Live Era ’87-’93’ album is well worth a listen too.

    1. Obviously this piece was written whilst wearing a shower cap, a rubber duck floating at my side.

      I wouldn’t disagree with your rationale re: a requirement for remastering (I’ve a vague memory of this being re-released in 2008, but I might be wrong on that score, and am not aware of to what degree (if any) the original mix was messed about with) – but everything else you write… sure we’re referring to the same album?

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