LGM’s Favourite Albums Of 2013 #10 – #2

8 thoughts on “LGM’s Favourite Albums Of 2013 #10 – #2”

  1. Great list so far. I would have to agree with your assertion that there was too much music this year. I’m almost exhausted from all the music. I may have to scale back my listening practices next year.

    1. Aye – it’s a challenge, for sure – both the listening and the writing about – so hat’s off to bloggers such as yourself who do so with far more regularity than me.

      You caught Beliefs live? I’m sure they’ve played your part of the world a few times…

    1. I should have offered a prize for anyone correctly guessing #1 (which I’ll post either tomorrow or Monday). I’ll be both surprised and impressed if anyone gets it; Beyoncé is such a close guess.

  2. I spent the whole time reading this article thinking, how can he possibly listen to the volume of music he does and not listen to anything digitally? He can’t possibly purchase everything on vinyl. You allude to wanting to push people down the stairs at work, so you have a job. So I am guessing you are not sat on unlimited funds to support such a purist ideal. You also detail ‘two minutes forty nine seconds precisely’ in reference to Jon Hopkins’ album (great album I agree) which we know is not possible to do accurately without a digital display to aid us. Intriguing. But my post muse conclusion is that you are telling porkies.

    #1 Future Of The Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

    1. Jesus – you don’t take everything I write literally, I hope. Were there no such thing as artistic license I genuinely would have to pen each article drunk – and then where would we be? But yes, I only buy on vinyl (the no digital rule applies to CD and MP3, etc). And ‘How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident” reminded me of a male-fronted Motormark – you should check out an album called ‘Chrome Tape’ on Digital Hardcore if you get the chance.

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