LGM’s Favourite Albums Of 2013 #1: Föllakzoid / II

11 thoughts on “LGM’s Favourite Albums Of 2013 #1: Föllakzoid / II”

  1. Finally got round to my first listen of this. Only half way through but, filppin heck, it’s all kinds of brilliant. Found This and their earlier EP are both available on eMusic too. Will make them my first purchases of 2014.

  2. Ja!

    Highly enjoyable album. Yes the krautrock-motorik influence link is there but it’s also very much like a lot of Wooden Shjips/Psychic Ills stuff. No?
    Wonder of any of them grew up in the Colonia Dignidad?
    BTW: The remix EP is überfab too.

    “…toy with elegant, psychedelic (and symbiotic) restraint..”
    Wish I was as literate.

    1. That’s pretty much on the money. What I was trying to say in that piece (and as you correct point out) is that this is an album that travels above and beyond generic Krautrock trope. Only, my words are a disposable slice of hackery, where-as you get straight to the point.

  3. Great piece. Sent me off to listen to the album again, so: result.

    Weirdly, my cd version has the tracks in a different order to those I’ve seen reviewed. It sounds flippin ace in any order of course.

    Btw this was my no.5 in your convention-defying Twitter top FOUR Hivemind poll, which means THERE IS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS SIR!

    But you’re forgiven, for pointing out the remix EP which I previously knew not of. Thanks!

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