There Goes The Dark – ‘The Contino Sessions’ By Death In Vegas, Revisited

4 thoughts on “There Goes The Dark – ‘The Contino Sessions’ By Death In Vegas, Revisited”

  1. First let me state, that the genuine thrill of seeing a new post from you in my inbox is few and far between these days. On your lack of prolificacy I may add, rather than by my redundant emotions. What on earth makes you want to write a piece on a 15 yr old album that you have absolutely no enthusiasm for? I totally agree with your review however and Dirge is the standout track by a country mile. I’ve always preferred their debut ‘Dead Elvis’ albeit being tarnished by all things ‘Big Beat’. After The Contino Sessions I had no real inclination or desire to be at all interested in what Richard Fearless did next. RIP.

    1. Think I gave up around the time of ‘Satan’s Circus’ (DinV albums that is – not music blogging. Needed a wee break back there… was going a little crazy with the constant word mining). This LP was very much worth a revisit; partly because I was asked, partly because perception has a habit of changing over time, but also because its promising moments truly did promise – and besides, life would be a little dull if forced to write purely on records loved, no?

  2. Holy crap, The Contino Sessions is 15 years old. That means I haven’t listened to The Contino Sessions in 15 years. I can vaguely remember Iggy Pop calling out “Aisha, Aisha!” for no discernible reason on this. The Contino Sessions is the kind of thing I’d put in a party mix at about the 2/3 mark, and people would start looking at their watches and saying “Hey, look at the time!” I’m going to put this one in the car player this weekend. I like doing this in the spring, by the way. Not reviewing records (that’s your job), but putting some CD I haven’t heard in 20 years into the player and seeing if they still hold my interest. This morning, I drove to work with a Grass Records sampler from 1996 in the CD player. I may be the last person on Earth to have listened to pairs of songs from Godflow and O-Matic (two bands I’ve since discovered don’t even have listings on AllMusic). Oh, where have you gone, Ditch Witch and Half Hour to Go?

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