Loitering About The Singles Chart: 2 July 1983, Reviewed

3 thoughts on “Loitering About The Singles Chart: 2 July 1983, Reviewed”

  1. Is the Wham tune not ‘Wham Rap!’? Which I do not mind admitting I adore. Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ has always left an evocative vibe with me also, I think this may be from when my parents bringing from the south coast to London to camp one summer (of all things – Lee Valley?) and Bowie provided an all round soundtrack to my 10 year old life and my first visit to the big smoke which was exhilarating and I can still tune into it now. I digress. I am compiling a 1994 compilation for my pals on Spotify, what with it being 20 yrs ago and most of us now being 40, it seems only right. I have whittled it down to 24 tunes. I chose ‘Spring Heeled Jim’ from ‘Vauxhall & I’ and merely wondered what your choice would be?

    1. ‘Wham! Rap’ was their début single – first out in 1982, and re-released a year later. Very similar feel to ‘Bad Boys’, though.

      Bowie soundtracking your ten year-old summer? Yeah, can imagine how that would have had a huge impact. I had a ‘Hunky Dory’ moment around the same age – still feel a thrill whenever that LP ventures near the turntable.

      And ‘Vauxhall & I’ – that’s pretty much my favourite ever album (there’s an LP from 1997 that’s up there as well). The whole experience is pretty much perfect – ‘Now My Heart Is Full’ is such the wonderful opening. ‘The Lazy Sunbathers’ is sheer evocation. And is there a better line than ‘Spring-Heeled Jim’s’ “So many women, his head should be spinning”? But if forced: ‘Speedway’. Simply thrilling.

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