Loitering About The Singles Chart: 8 July 1995, Reviewed

3 thoughts on “Loitering About The Singles Chart: 8 July 1995, Reviewed”

  1. Ooh, I like this strand. Anything with lists in is guaranteed to jump start my little brain.
    Funnily enough I’ve been playing my Dubstar record this week. I’m particularly taken with the noodly riff from Anywhere. More than your average jingle jangle of the era. Whatever happened to that guitarist I wonder.

    1. The first Dubstar LP was and remains a treat. Quirky, sepia-tinged, full of odd angles, Sarah Blackwood singing as if waiting for the kettle to boil – but in a good way. ‘The Day I See You Again’ is so bitter-sweet – “If the man you’ve grown to be
      is more Morrison than Morrissey / I’ll tell you straight as we undress that things got better when you left” – that I never grow bored hearing it.

      Chris Wilkie played the guitar parts, if I remember correctly (although I’ve spent so long on Twitter that I can no longer tell a straight question and sarcasm apart – oh well).

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