LGM’s 50 Favourite Début Albums Part Five: #10 to #1

4 thoughts on “LGM’s 50 Favourite Début Albums Part Five: #10 to #1”

  1. …all my damn twittering has me nervous when faced with an actual open space to reply within, but here goes. Great selections, and (natch) dissections.

    My shortened thoughts follow in five subsections…

    KICKING MYSELF .. i’d happily redo my list to include these three *tightens musical cilice* – World Of Twist / Pastels / Dawn Of Replicants

    BALLSY MOVE .. lists ain’t lists without some raised eyebrows. Confident choices, yet (you know imho) c’mon all bettered these debuts? – Cure / Magnetic Fields / Mogwai / NIN / MBV / J&MC

    CONSIDER ME CURIOUS ..added to the obligatory list that come from these damn Best Ofs – Long Blondes / Jackson C Frank / Wendy Carlos / Pram / Prolapse

    MISUNDERSTOOD BY ME ..always good to revisit, i’d musically chucked these three on the trash heap – Dubstar / Bis / Fischerspooner

    OH NOT THEM THEN ..FUEL – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Under_Easy_Listening

    *applause and such*

    1. Ha! Most definitely not that Fuel. Discogs alone has around twenty acts of that name – makes a casual Google most irritating when hunting for one in particular (Matt Johnson was interviewed on 6Music the other day; confirmed he’d had never had called his band The The if he’d been aware of the search engine).

      Would certainly agree that the sextet you mentioned have recorded superior albums. Far superior in the case of The Cure. Ditto The Smiths, come to think of it. Maybe a list of debuts never surpassed is in order… one day.

      Still: many thanks for the reading

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