Is There Time? Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994), Revisited

7 thoughts on “Is There Time? Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994), Revisited”

  1. Thanks for this and allowing memories flood to engulf me. Reminds me, as you say, of a very specific time and place in my life – I wouldn’t want to change any of it. Still think that Rez is their very finest moment.

  2. Less a review and more a train-of-thought, cut & paste companion piece .. loved it.

    This album holds a lot of similar reflections and recollections for me too. My landscape was possibly less romantic, but hey Preston did have a certain appeal to this small town kid from N.Ireland.

    I also got to give the album a full work out on many occasions in the record shop i worked at. You could check the day or time of day by whether we were listening to certain tracks, accompanying singles / remixes or just wallowing in the full album.

    The torch i hold for Underworld still flickers; i have paid a tidy penny more than once to see them live in the past two (WTF!) decades. I think i need to give it an .. just to be sure of course 😉

    1. Cheers Sir Sidney. I did attempt to prompt the piece’s author into responding (without success), as Underworld aren’t necessarily conversant in my own personal timezone – but the reflections / recollections paradigm works so, so strongly…

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