Morrissey: A Definitive Top Ten – Part One

12 thoughts on “Morrissey: A Definitive Top Ten – Part One”

  1. So many great Morrissey tracks. It must’ve been an arduous endeavour to whittle it down to ten. I’m glad you’ve included “Mute witness”. That song was perhaps my first favourite Morrissey song. Countless times spent blasting it in my bedroom singing along.

    1. Mute Witness – it’s just wonderful. So many Moz fanatics can’t be doing with Kill Uncle, and it’s a shame; Mrs LGM (whom I met because of Steven Patrick) adores this record, and her love for this LP has been passed on.

      Obviously picking a resolute Morrissey top ten is impossible; care to share your own?

      1. Okay…. in semi-chronological order, here are my 10 favourite Morrissey numbers…

        Everyday is like Sunday
        Interesting drug
        The last of the international playboys
        There’s a place in hell for me and my friends
        Mute witness
        Sing your life
        Glamorous glue
        You’re the one for me, fatty
        First of the gang to die
        Irish blood, english heart

        You may note a large gap between Your arsenal and You are the quarry. There a few albums released in those years that I was for the most part ambivalent about.

  2. Great post, mustn’t have been easy whittle down Steven’s best tunes to just ten:-) Also great to see “Disappointed” getting some love. I also adore “National Front Disco”, tongue in cheek lyrics and it’s a fantastic song to dance around a teenage bedroom to. Other faves of mine are “Striptease With A Difference” (think it’s an outtake from Kill Uncle? You can correct me on that:-)) and “Speedway”. The whole of Vauxhall & I is worth listening to though. Anyways, Looking forward to reading part two:-)

    1. No spoilers, but one of the tracks you mention might just be feature in part two.

      ‘Striptease With A Difference’ – never had an official release, although was recorded during the Kill Uncle sessions. It’s one thing I adore about Morrissey – so much of his strongest stuff he hides away, either as b-sides, or stuff simply stored away for a rainy day. He’s a keeper, or so I’ve heard.

  3. Some great picks here.

    I’m with you on both Mute Witness & Piccadilly Palare, as well as Nina’s shout for Striptease. The Kill Uncle period is often dismissed by fans and Moz (think he disparagingly referred to the music as ‘rinky dink’ in his biography) but there was some great stuff going on. Sure there were some misses but musically the tracks were always interesting (Journalists Who Lie, Asian Rut, Harsh Truth). He was dipping a toe in the water into a real pop sound, and I think the lack of confidence he had at the time allowed the musicians plenty of freedom. Certainly the band he formed afterwards would not be afforded such creative luxury. There were flashes of Sparks, Herman’s Hermits, Roxy, Madness and tonnes of odd Joe Meek records littering the period.

    Driving Your Girlfriend Home is one of my favourites. Story of my life for a long time! Sublime backing from Linder and Mark Nevin providing a lightness of touch that you seldom hear from his musicians these days. It will turn up as track 19 on disc 2 of Now That’s What I Call The Friendzone in 2025…

    Pregnant for the Last Time too. “Corn beef legs for the last time” Ramshackle, playful and ever so slightly glorious. Moz may think it was a “bit ropey” but he never been the best at evaluating his back catalogue. Pffft the setlists on his solo tours always bewilder me!

    Looking forward to part two. I’ll have a go at a top ten. Will need to be impulsive, as no doubt my favourites will be change 5 minutes after posting…

    1. “Flashes of Sparks, Herman’s Hermits, Roxy, Madness and tonnes of odd Joe Meek records littering the period”… that’s an excellent summary of a much misunderstood long player. Nevin’s work has long been relegated to footnote status – primarily because of what came before, and that which came after. Your words alone implore a revisit from anyone doubting the panache (and for the record, I think you’re spot on re: a lack of confidence at the heart of the Moz persona granting band far more leeway than later on…).

      Looking forward to your own top ten; as you’ll no doubt have noticed, my 5-1 is up –

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